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    JSX Looks Like An Abomination - JavaScript Scene - Medium

    • JSX is not limited to HTML. You can use it to create arbitrary object trees. Netflix uses that capability to mirror their web app architecture on a wide variety of devices using their own custom object model for TV rendering.
    • React Native uses it to render device-native UI elements.
    • React creates a single listener automatically, so you never have to think about event delegation again.

    Designers Don’t Mind JSX

    I don’t. Reminds me of xaml. A little off putting at first; but it grows on you; and it’s powerful.

    Inline Styles Are Good

    I agree.

    • Putting styles in a React component is more akin to putting styles in a web component than putting styles into raw HTML
    • you only have to update it in one place, and you don’t have to worry about selector scoping.
  • http://www.roninbrush.com/post/119515908305/strategist

  • Great reminder how our physiology shifts our experience based on the condition of our instruments. 

    Science explains how time spent outdoors colors your view of #thedress - LA Times

    • If our brains conclude that the image is lighted by a cool illuminant like a blue sky, we will ignore shorter wavelengths and determine that thedress is white and gold. However, if our brains decide that the image is being lighted by a warm illuminant like an incandescent light, we willdiscount longer wavelengths in the picture and will see the dress asblue and black.
    • Although they are not yet sure why that would be, their current hypothesis isthat women and older people are more likely to spend their awake timeduring the day, and therefore more likely to assume that their visualworld is contaminated by blue sky
    • “You have in your head an internal model of what the colors of the worldare, and that helps you resolve ambiguities,” Conway said. “The machinein your head says, ‘Well, given what we know historically, I’m going toassume it is this color, or that color.’ “
    • Someone who spends more time under artificial lighting may make a different assumption, he explained.
    • people are more likely to filter out blue tones than they are other colors
  • http://www.roninbrush.com/post/118690918025/timeline-graphic

  • http://www.roninbrush.com/post/118436690090/sketch-dont-cover-up-the-problem

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